100 Jobs to Be Created at Ramsden’s Blackpool Restaurant

Harry Ramsden’s have announced plans to create a flagship restaurant within Blackpool Tower after a £2 million investment.

100 Jobs to Be Created at Ramsden’s Blackpool Restaurant

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Flagship of the North

The relocated Blackpool restaurant will be their Flagship of the North, situated on the restored and transformed ground and fifth floors of the iconic Blackpool Tower. The expansion secures 30 jobs and creates an additional 100 full-time and part-time roles.

With Blackpool continuing to attract record numbers of visitors, Harry Ramsden’s have confirmed that they felt it the right time for a large-scale expansion. The existing Promenade-based restaurant seats 150 diners. 500 seats will be offered within the three new restaurants.

This creates not just new jobs but also associated opportunities for suppliers and food machinery auctioneers such as http://www.clarke-fussells.co.uk to assist Harry Ramsden’s in realising the full value of their surplus assets.

The restaurant and takeaway will occupy 7,500 square feet at ground level, previously occupied by the Tower Lounge Bar, with an additional 1,500 square feet on the fifth floor forming the third outlet. One of these restaurants will be an entirely new concept for Harry Ramsden’s family-focused dining.

The new menu will offer customers a greater choice of options, and the outlets will benefit from cutting-edge information technology and social media installations in a beautifully designed interior, all within the restored Blackpool Tower.

Restoration work on the Tower is already under way, with a strong emphasis on using local tradesmen. The first of the eateries will be open by spring, with the project due for completion in time for the summer season.

Benefit to the Resort

Merlin Entertainment, which operates Blackpool Tower, has confirmed that the company sees this as hugely exciting not just for the Tower but for the resort as a whole, with Harry Ramsden’s perfectly complementing the Tower attractions and enhancing the customer experience. It also completes the ground-floor refurbishment of a very special building.

Blackpool Council has contributed £400,000 towards building works and shares Merlin Entertainment’s excitement. They see Harry Ramsden’s investment as a demonstration of the steps that Blackpool has taken towards the creation of a vibrant economy.

Harry Ramsden’s private investment in Blackpool’s most prominent public asset sends a clear message that Blackpool is the town to invest in and the UK’s number one family destination.

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