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Uric acid: Protector or Risk factor? All you need to know

The uric acid high in plasma is a prerequisite for gout and also associated with the metabolic syndrome and risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The hyperuricemia (increase in the amount of uric acid in the blood) is increased by 16% all – cause mortality and a 39% overall...


Vitamin C to prevent and treat the cold: myth or reality?

During the winter months, absenteeism or decreased productivity at work or school are often attributed to the symptoms of the common cold. Many people search for products without a prescription for their symptoms, and some of the commonly purchased products are those with...


To have good muscle health, have good levels of vitamin D

The Vitamin D is an essential micronutrient, optimal levels of this vitamin directly linked to the maintenance of our bodies and many essential functions in our body, still being vital for our bones and recommended during pregnancy . If we...