UK SEO Winners and Losers in 2015

It’s a well-known fact that SEO can have a big impact on an online business, influencing its visitor traffic, conversions and brand visibility. Not every business seems to get it right when it comes to SEO and increasing its visibility to Google, however. Here are some of the UK SEO winners and losers of 2015.

UK SEO Winners and Losers in 2015

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The Winners

Question and answer site came out on top, based on visibility, last year. With impressive URLs and top keywords, this site has all the winning credentials search engines are looking for.

Many brands shuddered when Google announced its Phantom update last year, with visibility losses an inevitable consequence. Trusted hardware brand, however, seemed to do well from the change, boosting its visibility and earning itself second place among the winners. Another brand that saw its visibility prosper thanks to the Phantom update was e-commerce site

A small change to its host name saw trivia site increase visibility in leaps and bounds in 2015, whilst also got the thumbs-up from Google thanks to the inclusion of localised results.

Other winning brands included,,, and

The Losers

There are many reasons why a brand may lose visibility online. Changes in Google’s algorithms can hit online brands hard, but other factors such as redesigns or altering domain names may be responsible.

It is clear that a simple change can have a big impact on a firm’s SEO, so in order to avoid being a loser, consult experts such as web design agency in Essex, who offer web design in Essex and elsewhere.

Despite being bought by Facebook, shopping engine was the biggest loser in terms of visibility last year. A look back at the brand’s history reveals erratic visibility and poor user expectations that could indicate why it met its recent demise. was also a notable SEO loser last year with regard to visibility. The brand has undergone a number of changes, including a domain name change and redesigns, which may have been responsible for the dive in rankings.

The rebranding from to saw this site rank third for losing visibility, whilst took fourth place by making errors when redirecting pages.

Changes to and also resulted in their becoming SEO losers in 2015, with their visibility dropping significantly.

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