The Ultimate Bachelor Pad: Top Design Tips

The term “bachelor pad” tends to conjure up cheesy images of lounge chairs, leather sofas, huge entertainment centres, and a bar fully stocked with spirits. Increasingly, however, single men are creating stylish homes that buck this trend. Below are some top tips for creating a an effortlessly dapper bachelor pad.

The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

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Invest in a sofa

A quality, stylish sofa is a must in a modern bachelor pad. Futons are not very comfortable and can make a lounge feel like a university dorm room. A sleeper sofa is a good option if you have friends and family visiting often.

Mix expensive and cheap

Designing an awesome bachelor pad doesn’t have to cost a fortune but remember to mix a few expensive items in with the cheaper stuff, to give your interior design depth. Spending a bit more on focal points like tables and mirrors can really set a room off.

Hide cables

Exposed cables from televisions and other equipment look messy and ruin the design of a room. There are plenty of cable organisers available on the market to complement your design taste, so invest in one, or several, that fit in with the decor of your room.

Show your personality

Your home should reflect who you are. Displaying art and your prized possessions, for example, can add points of interest to a room and make it unique to you. It’s important however to be a little restrained – don’t fill your house with anything and everything related to your interests and passions. Instead, showcase a few carefully chosen pieces. Choosing bespoke furniture can also help achieve a unique look. Companies like Simon Kohn Furniture (, who make bespoke furniture in Bristol, can help create something unique to you.


Keeping items such as books organised is essential if you want to achieve a clean, stylish look for your home. Consider hiding media such as DVDs and video games behind closed doors to minimise clutter and keep things looking tidy.

A few more ways you can create a sleek look for your pad: frame posters that you hang on the wall; include pillows and throws to add colour, texture and interest to a room; for your kitchen, invest in a set of ceramic crockery and simple silver cutlery.

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