Why Every Couple Should Renew Their Wedding Vows

Many couples are now deciding that it’s a great idea to renew their wedding vows. There are many reasons why this becomes important for couples. It could be that they married very young and didn’t fully appreciate what that commitment meant. Perhaps you want to celebrate overcoming some terribly tough times, or simply want to express your continued commitment and love for each other in a more public manner. Whatever your reason, here are some benefits of choosing to go ahead with a renewal ceremony:

  1. It’s more fun

This isn’t to suggest that your wedding wasn’t a blast, but many of us feel it went by in a bit of a blur of nervous excitement and photograph posing. It’s a hectic day, with guests to socialise with, speeches to make and making sure the bride and bridesmaids are topped up with make-up and hairspray! A renewal vows can be a lot more about you as a couple, doing what you want as opposed to thinking about family and guests. You can feel more control of this event and keep it as simple or as extravagant as you want.

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  1. It’s less stressful

There is no pressure and a vow renewal can be a laid-back, relaxing occasion. There is nowhere near as much to plan for. When plans go wrong for a wedding day, it’s devastating as expectations are so high. If plans go a little awry during a renewal ceremony, so what? Everyone laughs it off and drinks some more wine! You’re a bit older, a lot wiser and can feel comfortable calling the shots this time round. For your stunning Diamond Ring, visit https://www.comparethediamond.com/

  1. It’s current

As your wedding day disappears in the distant corners of your mind, it can be hard to recall the vows you made and the strength of your feelings for one another. If you didn’t write your vows the first time, this time you can pen exactly the sort of sentiment that suits you both. They can be highly personal, meaningful and a great way to express your feelings. Marriage isn’t always a walk in the park and re-reading your renewal vows is a great help in tough times. It serves to remind you both of why you are together.

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  1. More meaning

When you’ve been married for some time, those promises and vows you made to each other have more meaning. At the beginning, those promises of patience and kindness sound noble but until you’ve experienced the highs and lows of married life, they can ring a little hollow. Renewal vows can be much more meaningful to you both, as you approach them with knowledge, wisdom and experience. It’s also a beautiful thing for your children to witness, who might or might not have been at the first wedding!

  1. Romantic

Married life, for the most part, is not particularly romantic or sexy. We all get bogged down with work, kids, laundry, housework etc. Sometimes, romance is forced to take a back seat or forgotten entirely. Having an excuse to get dressed up, having your hair and nails done, spending quality time together and maybe a little flirting can add that missing sparkle back into your love life. Why not relive that wedding night/honeymoon romance each time you renew your vows?

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