5 trends that will sales in the coming months

He has not finished back to school, but vendors are already starting to prepare for the next campaigns that will mark the end of the year, especially the Christmas season. Traders, distributors and private labels always expect the year – end months involving a rise in sales and the figures achieved during that period are a very important part of the whole year. Therefore, the first recommendations to be as efficient as possible when addressing this time of year are already here, but in reality these tips are equally valid to sell more and better during any time of year.

Google has analyzed how the markets behaved during last Christmas season and has joined the major trends in trade to determine what will happen – more or less – in the coming months and what should brands do to make the best.

The reign of the mobile

Mobile devices are increasingly important when sales lead time. Mobile devices are already being, in fact, one of the protagonists of back to school. It is not only that the list of things to buy to prepare for that period has tablets or smartphones, but the weight that the terminals are in other purchasing decisions is also very high. 36.7% of buyers look for in a smartphone what to buy and 21.8% of those searches end in a purchase decision. In addition, 25.1% use their mobile to find the physical address of the store where you want to buy the products back to school.

5 trends that will sales in the coming monthsLast year, buyers used the mobile at 52% of its purchasing processes of the Christmas season (in any stage of purchase) and 71% of customers are already looking for general stores and exact locations in their devices (while looking at their smartphones products they want to buy immediately).

Google forecasts, based on what happened last year and what is happening this year is that the phone will still acquire more prominence and buyers will use it much more during the purchasing process. To succeed, therefore, have no choice but to pamper the mobile presence of the company and ensure that the brand will be there when buyers take out your smartphone while shopping.

Always connected

It has been said many times, but a never enough: consumers today is always connected (and multiconnected) user. For this Christmas season – and indeed for any campaign and sales process that claims for the immediate future – consumers will come much more informed than ever. Right now they spend much more time than in the past to investigate before buying and before definitively purchase a product they have taken into account many variables that have been consulted and analyzed online.

In 2010, each buyer consulted on the network an average of 5 sources before purchasing a product. In 2013, the number of read and visited sources before making a decision to buy was already at 13. The logic is that in the future this figure continues to increase.

This search for all the details and much information as possible is not an issue, or should not, for brands. The most influential channel to find information is YouTube and reviews video are one of the elements that can tip the balance of purchase. Manage a positive and active presence in these media can help, just call consumer attention while browsing the network. Because, the truth is that consumers do not seek, in general, a product of a particular brand, but seek rather a category. 57%, exactly, did it in 2013.

There are fewer people in the stores is not a problem input

Statistics show that the influx to physical stores has fallen in recent times, although the average purchase each of those visits has gone up. To maintain this trend, the physical store should be encouraged by what and consider others. For example, you should not forget that 84% of consumers look at things in the mobile during the buying process and during the actual visit to the store. You may use it for many things and the most varied, but 1 in 3 of those consumers will benefit having the terminal in hand and seek their doubts there before anything ask any dependent, according to Google.

53% use the terminal as they are, compare prices

Therefore, we must seize these opportunities. Stores can use to direct buyers to their online stores or add new layers of information on products and offers customers to find when they access the Internet from their terminals in their establishments.

Do not forget tenders

The price is very important and consumers are completely obsessed with him. 92% of shoppers compare prices before taking a product and 91% making your buying decision based on price, according to Google. And that actually works both off and online level. So much so, that for many buyers ecommerce shipping costs can be free to determine who or what they buy. For 83% it is so important that even prefer to wait days for their purchases before paying for shipping.

Therefore, the offers are a key to succeed and get more sales item. For consumers more savers who most care about getting good prices, the shopping period is much broader than for other consumers, so they need to sell more start before bid.

The offers are no longer concentrated the main

And that makes periods as the American Black Friday less relevant: limited periods offers are no longer the only engine to succeed in sales, especially in campaigns such as Christmas. Purchases begin to fade in the calendar and not focus so much on specific periods. In fact, according to data from Google, 29% of American buyers start buying for Christmas happens even before Halloween, ie 31 October.

Promotions, to succeed and sell more, they must be spread for longer and not limited to a particular day.

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