What are the DISC personality profiles

DISC personality profiles have been used for years as a way to help identify areas in which a team might need support and to look for areas where potential conflict could occur. They should be used by team leaders as a way to help build cohesion in a team so that they function as a unit, working towards the same end goal. When this occurs it can be a great time to celebrate with your team members and Corporate Gift Boxes can be a great way to do this.

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The DISC profiles were developed to describe a person’s behavioural patterns and they are based on the fact that people will all react differently in different situations. Some people wfor example will be naturally more outgoing whilst others more introspective, and some will be able to cope and even thrive in high pressure environments, whilst others will struggle and become overwhelmed. None of these traits are better than the others, but having a mix of styles in your teams can help to ensure that everyone’s strengths are harnessed and their weaknesses are supported by others strengths.

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By understanding your DISC profile you will be able to identify the ways in which you react to particular situations as well as being able to improve your communication style with other members of your team. Team leaders can use them as a way to learn more about their staff members and ways in which they can support them.

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