What employees are looking for companies for their marketing departments?

The world of marketing has a high turnover of staff and businesses are always looking for the most appropriate talent for their needs. Given that more brands have to face more and more new challenges and demands of new – fangled, you can understand more and more why companies are always chasing the most suitable professional and more capable and why workers are in a sort of continuous training to be able to keep up to date on what brands need.

But what exactly what they are looking for right now companies as marketing workers are concerned? An analysis has established recruitment patterns that are moving the labor market in the sector.

The study, prepared by McKinley Marketing Partners, has come from real data: i.e. have interviewed professionals who are responsible for hiring other workers in the world of marketing or who have had a role in the recruitment of other workers (e.g. section chiefs influencing the decision -making level). To make the sample, they were with companies of all sizes, which makes the vision is much more complete.

What employees are looking for companies for their marketing departmentsAnd what is the first important conclusion? The first – and most important – is that technology has become a crucial element in finding work in the area of marketing. If you want to find a job in the sector and you cannot know about it and not be able to use it. According to the study, one of the things they look for are attracting staff who are up to date on new technologies. To this must be added also is planned increasingly hiring more people in this area. According to the study, 27% of companies plan to hire more people this year than the previous year that have technological capabilities. Growth is the largest within the industry.

To all this, you can add a second point is that marketing ‘pure’ remains important and it remains an engine of recruitment, especially when linked to any emerging trend. 42% of companies surveyed expected to hire more workers in the “general” marketing area and 42% in content management.

In addition, companies are not limited and only one type of profiles and hiring intentions also indicate that the same will occur a movement in more varied terrain. That is, businesses and hire workers not only basic marketing and no longer be limited to the junior workers. According to the study, estimates are that at all levels is hired, which will create many opportunities for career changes and improvements.

Most wanted profiles

Beyond generalities can be established recruitment patterns linked to specific posts. Marketing positions generally will be those who will star more hires (42% of companies expect to sign in the land) but not those who live further growth (only 16% more contracts than in the previous year).Where they are growing hiring intentions of businesses is specialized profiles, demonstrating that workers have to focus increasingly dominate increasingly specific issues.

In fact, the profile in the fastest growing recruitment is in digital marketing (growth of 27% yoy and 38% perform contracts), followed by product marketing (23% growth, 32% of contracts), development web (22 and 34), marketing strategist (22 and 36) or researcher marketing (19 and 34).

The profiles will very technologists starring many contracts, although its percentage does not vary much for the year. Companies have realized some time ago that their marketing teams have to have technology professionals to support the transition to new models. Thus, data analysts (38% of companies will), experts in SEO / SEM (36%) or highly trained professionals and accredited as workers with PMP certification (32%) were also hired.

A searched profiles and associated formations, we must also add certain personal characteristics that companies seek. A 64% value in their marketing professionals who are able to solve problems, 53% to be articulated, 51 who have analytical thinking and 41 fit with the corporate culture. To this we must add more personal items. 32% takes into account the personality, 30 presentation capabilities and 22% received education.

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