World War SEO: SEO can not disappear because it has never existed

By analogy with Brad Pitt film such an apocalypse is living the sector for some time.

Every day we read articles about the future death of SEO, or even some daring indicating that SEO is dead. That’s the headline par excellence. The latest related news I read was that Google had decided to veto and end SEO practices.

But SEO can not disappear because it has never existed. In previous articles I have indicated my contradiction with SEO gurus. And these gurus is obvious that sooner or later will eventually disappear, just as they are disappearing businesses and traders living deceive the public. You can fool some time but eventually you’ll end up perishing and you have to invent another ruse.

World War SEO SEO can not disappear because it has never existedBut make no mistake, many of these SEO specialists have been invented by others outsmart them selling courses and Community Management Positioning weight characters. Many “professionals” are able to sell quarter and half hundred grams of SEO and Community Manager. It sounds like a joke but it’s a reality. The serious agencies and professionals do not sell packets or promises surprise choped price on offer.

True professionals online internet marketing do not sell SEO or Social Media, strategies have to offer. And these strategies have to be controlled or be in the hands of professionals that the only way to prove themselves is through their work. Here no title Academy School Advance Social Media Search Engine Optimization … Valen worth the results.

SEO is one of many tasks that are performed in an agency or performs a professional. And it will not disappear, for the simple reason that optimizing websites today need to invest many hours. Do not try to fool Google for a website to be awarded best positions. It is improving a website so that the giant locate and reward. If you get this, then your work will be well done. If your work involves tricking google for your website that is about b when someone searches for a) appears) … then your job and you are doomed to disappear.

In addition, the SEO purist google has led, in my view, is worsening search results. To date google has caused excessively cautious with the results offered to the user searches and mostly yielding results are very predictable.

If we make exhaustive searches on a topic and want to find something that goes beyond what most public and notorious, google makes things difficult.For quite some time when I need unusual or just google does not offer me what I’m looking’ve been doing other less common use of information seekers. It is fair to say they are also more dangerous because on more than one occasion their search urls can jump antivirus alarms. But also shed results that google and not considered relevant algorithms.

Therefore, the SEO Zombie which has led the guardian violates Google itself and degenerates results. As a specialist in Internet search I dare to identify the results of google as totally predictable.

I guess this exception does not care at all to Google with a market share using its search engine and its products without a rival. But remember that in the film that gives this article the disease or mutation that wobbled humanity was born in a tiny village in India. And perhaps in a time that microscopic sample of users who combine other search engines to find the information they need to become a Chinese in the shoe. A user level not yet perceive that change, but at the level of both internet professionals and software and hardware itself consists me that change of mentality.

Sure some SEO who trembles for his job by reading this you have discovered that there are more search engines besides Google.

How happens in all conflicts end up surviving the best suited. And there are many who adapt, read and recycle to continue making their online works remain a guarantee of success for their clients.

She will end up being as in World War where everyone goes against all SEO vs SEO; Google vs. SEO; SEO vs. Google,

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