What is Agency Nursing?

Agency nursing sees qualified, registered nurses take on locum, temporary work rather than having fixed and permanent employment. It allows nurses to have greater flexibility over their working patterns and hours, with shift work negotiated according to preference and holiday time taken more freely. It can mean that nurses can work solely around family life or other commitments, rather than being tied to rigid shift patterns and rotas.

Agency nurses have many of the same responsibilities as registered nurses in permanent roles. These include administering medication, liaising with other medical professionals and the emergency services, leading shifts, demonstrating practical skills, and providing advice and support to other staff members.

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What are the benefits of agency nursing?

Agency nurses typically receive better remuneration for the hours worked, particularly when they are available to pick up shifts on a regular basis or full-time equivalent hours. The pay package is often superior to registered nurses in similar permanently employed roles, which can make agency nursing a compelling option. Agency nursing can also be exciting and challenging, with the opportunity to work across different hospitals, settings and clinics. It involves meeting a variety of different colleagues and learning new disciplines or specialities.

Agency work can be an excellent starting point for newly qualified registered nurses who want to experience variety before laying down firm roots with a permanent employer. Agency nursing also allows a registered nurse to simply focus on the job at hand, rather than getting involved in sometimes complicated hierarchies and team structures.

How will an agency look after your best interests?

With further insights from the RCN , it is clear there are many benefits that come with being registered with a nursing agency. These may include:

.       Free training opportunities
.       Excellent rates of pay (higher hourly rate than permanent roles)
.       Free DBS (enhanced criminal record check)
.       Free provision of uniform
.       Annual payment of NMC PIN

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Nursing agency registered nurses play a pivotal role in ensuring that safe levels of staffing and patient care can be achieved in services at all times. The role allows registered nurses to work in a wide variety of clinical settings, and expand their skills and experience base, all whilst working flexibly to hours that suit their own personal circumstances.

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