Facebook buys tbh, an anonymous messaging service for teenagers

Facebook has been looking for several years to cover as much as possible and wipe out the competition. He tried to buy Snapchat several times, but without success. Instagram purchase came , platform to which little by little has been adding Snapchat’s main features.

Now they have returned to buy a popular application among teenagers: thb, famous for allowing messages to be sent anonymously (as in platforms such as Secret or Yik Yak ). In fact, the acronym tbh comes from “to be honest” (be honest).

An app that flees from trolls and negativity

This app is very popular among young Americans and, based on its description, has more than five million users . Facebook has not wanted to disclose the amount it has had to pay to get hold of tbh, but they have assured that they will maintain the function of the same.

Our colleagues at Engadget Mobile precisely tried tbh a few days ago, stating that the real key to the application is that it seeks to encourage positivism, since it only allows exchanging compliments between users.

This contrasts with the current moment that platforms such as Twitter live, being harshly criticized for allowing (to a certain extent) that cyberbullying and hatred run like wildfire.

The top tweet sums up perfectly the supremacy of Facebook , completely dominating the list of most downloaded applications. In addition to our own applications, we see that Instagram and tbh are already part of your team.

Those that have not bought (Snapchat and Bitmoji), have been responsible for cloning its main features and add them to some of its platforms. At the moment tbh is an application that works only on iOS and in the United States. We will have to wait to know the real plans that Facebook has with this service.

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