Wedding hair and makeup: getting it right

Hair and makeup is a big part of the final look when it comes to your wedding day. Read on for some of our top tips for getting this right.

Wedding hair and makeup

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Work with your signature statement looks

Your wedding day is not the day to try out something new. You may have always wanted to dye your hair blonde or try red lippy; however, you should save this for a night out and go with what you already know works for you. If red lipstick is a common choice for you, by all means stick with it; however, if you are more of a nude lipstick kind of a girl, then go for this. Trusted colours will ultimately help you to feel comfortable.

Get the hair-makeup-dress balance right

It is really important to strike a balance between your hair, dress and makeup. A ball gown dress with boho hair simply won’t work; neither will a vintage hairdo with a modern asymmetrical dress. It is also important to strike a balance when it comes to impact; for example, low-impact hair and high-impact makeup will simply look like you had time for one and then rushed the other!

The wedding party

Thinking about the wedding party is again about striking a balance. While you want to complement each other, you don’t want a Stepford Wives situation. You also want your bridesmaids to feel comfortable with their hair and makeup. Go for a general theme, such as vintage, boho, natural or ultra-glam, and then let them interpret this as they wish.

Test it at home

Even though you may well be using professionals for your hair and makeup, you can still practice the kind of style you want. Even take a selfie, as this may be a useful way of giving them an idea of what you want. Whether you book a London hairstylist or wedding makeup in Belfast from an established professional such as, their job is to take your lead.

Striking a balance, sticking with what you know and letting your bridesmaids go with what works for them will result in a more natural and ultimately better look all round. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable; from this, your inner beauty will surely shine.

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