You can now order a Uber directly from Google’s search results

In the middle of last March, Google launched a feature on Maps, a feature that, since then, allows us to request a taxi directly from the app and whose services vary depending on the territory in which we find ourselves. Well, the entity has just announced a new functionality that points in the same direction.

In particular, what the technological giant has done this time has been to begin to show information about the routes of Uber and Ola directly in their search results. A utility, however, that is only available from mobile devices. But let’s see how it works exactly.

You can now order a Uber directly from Googles search resultsAsk for a Uber from the search

As we pointed out, the new incorporation shows information about these transportation services. Data that correspond not only with the companies available, but also with their rates, the approximate duration of the trip, and so on. Of course, he also lets us apply.

“Choosing the best transportation option can be a difficult task at times. Our goal is to help users simplify their journey every day. With this, they can request, explore and compare quickly what is – approximately – the best taxi fare directly from the results of Google on the mobile,” said the multinational.

To use it, we will only have to carry out a taxi-to-Bangalore airport search, or “directions to Bangalore airport” and the like. The system will automatically include these services at the top. In case you want to request one of them, simply click on it to request the collection, without having to enter any detail about our location, which is detected automatically.

In addition to what has been commented, it should be noted that although the service has been announced by Google India’s blog, it seems that it is also available in other countries and will be gradually implemented across the globe. In our case in particular, we have tested it from Madrid and from an Android device with no result.

Other news in the search results

However, today’s case is not unique in its kind but, over the last few years the technology giant has been including a number of improvements to its list of results . Among the last additions, we find your color code converter RGB to Hex and vice versa.

But it is not the first tool that is available, but it allows us to access applications as varied as a stopwatch, a calculator, a countdown counter, metronome, currency converter and units of measurement and a long etcetera that you can know with more detail.

On the other hand, Google has also implemented some temporary solutions such as showing the results of competitions during this year’s Olympic Games in Rio, information on the political positions of American candidates and the like. At the moment, in addition, a test of speed can be found directly in the results, information on the film billboard and results of cinema, bibliographies of determined authors and others.

In fact, the possibility of ordering a Uber from this section is not even the first such addition that is launched this week. Indeed, because it was just yesterday when the Mountain View released a new feature that gives us the option of discovering curious data about animals directly in this listing.

To give you an idea, we are referring to questions as varied as that each cat has a unique nose pattern that equals a kind of fingerprint, that horses are capable of generating up to 12 liters of saliva a day, or Ostriches are the animals with the largest eyes. Information that is integrated in a specific section entitled “you knew that” and that is most interesting, everything is said.

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