An approach to French fries: Clarifying some general doubts

If there is a food that we have demonize to the maximum those are the chips. They are always seen as the last thing to eat if we want to maintain a healthy diet. On this occasion we want to get a little closer to this myth and take into account some points in this regard to clarify many doubts in what has to do with this food. To do this we will highlight and clarify some points that have to do with fried potatoes.

A priori this food should not be bad, since its raw material is potatoes. It is true that it is a tuber that contains high amounts of carbohydrates and that we must add the fats that are added with the oil in which we are going to fry them. But not everything around chips is bad. That is why we want to stop this time in some points to take into account to make them healthier.

The homemade chips are always healthier than the rest

In the first place it is necessary to bear in mind that whenever we prepare the potatoes at home they will be much healthier. It is simply about peeling them, leaving them in water for a few minutes to eliminate part of the albumin they contain and making them more indigestible, and frying them in abundant and hot olive oil that leaves them perfect and ready to eat. We all know this recipe, but there are other alternatives to prepare potatoes at home in a healthier way and avoid demonizing them as we do.

The importance of oil in the preparation of chips

Point one, it is necessary that the oil we use is of good quality , the olive serves us perfectly because it holds very well high temperatures and does not spoil so quickly or release toxins. Of course, the ideal is to use the right amount to avoid reusing the oil again and again, because in this way the oil loses properties that are replaced by toxic substances. Another alternative is not to fry the potatoes in oil, but to prepare them in the oven. With this second alternative we will get them to remain crispy and tasty, but with much less calories, since we will not add oil.

Some techniques to prevent them from absorbing too much oil

Another point where chips have always been placed in the eye of the hurricane is because they absorb too much oil when frying. This happens when the potato is thinner. To remedy this it is better to cut the potatoes wider. This simple gesture will help us to absorb much less oil. The same happens if we fry them with the skin. For example, in potatoes that we buy frozen this is usually a problem, because having a very thin cut the amount of oil that will stay in them is much higher, so it is much better that we leave them ourselves at home.

Forget about industrial potatoes

We must not forget in this review the potatoes of industrial manufacture. There are handmade products that are potatoes with a thin cut and fried in oil that is usually not very reliable in most cases. But on the other hand are the processed potatoes that are made from crushed potatoes or mashed potatoes to which other substances are added and which have nothing to do with what should be a real potato cut and put in oil to fry. In this case we will be ingesting countless colors, flavors, preservatives …

Baked potatoes as an alternative

For all this it is better to opt for the natural and make our own chips at home. As we have seen before, we can choose to fry them in olive oil or otherwise prepare them roasted in the oven. This second option is even healthier, because we simply have to cut them as if we were going to fry them in a normal way, only that we will put them in the oven in a tray and wait for them to be crispy and roasted. It is a good way to consume potatoes in one of the healthiest ways.

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