Is our lifestyle more important than our training in gaining health?

Sport and its execution is something that we are always defending. It is important to perform sports activity to be in perfect condition and keep us active. It is true that doing sports will help us improve our health considerably and feel stronger, energetic and young. But it is not all practicing a sport without more. There are other care that we must take into account and for this reason we want to see if our lifestyle is more important than doing sports when it comes to gaining health.

The benefits of sport we all know well and therefore it is highly recommended to carry it out. But in the long run the habits of life are much more important. Above all, there is an important point to consider, such as food. As we have said on previous occasions, almost all the results that we will get when it comes to training and being healthy has a lot to do with food and lifestyle habits. So in this post we want to highlight the importance of them over the simple fact of doing sports.

Sport is essential for the body

It is true that the sport activates the metabolism and makes the circulation and muscles that make up the body are in perfect condition to respond to any contingency that we suffer in the day to day. But the muscles are not a part of an automaton, but they are nourished and responded according to how we find ourselves. That is why our way of life will weigh more than the training we do.

Food, a very important habit

First let’s focus on how important it is to follow a healthy and balanced diet . Eat balanced foods in which nutrient doses are adequate in fundamental when it comes to getting a better body. Fruits and vegetables, vegetables, high quality proteins, essential fatty acids that we can find in olive oils, avocados, nuts … It is important to take care of the food and to opt for natural foods prepared by ourselves, leaving aside those of industrial origin.

Caring for food will help us feel much better , more energetic. In addition to helping to have stronger health, we will be able to do much more. In the end the feed is directly linked to the performance. If we are well fed we will get a better performance when practicing any sporting activity. Hence, not only does sport make us better on a general level.

Rest, another habit to take into account

Rest is another point that we need to take care of. It is a healthy living habit that we can not ignore. Resting the correct hours on a daily basis is essential for the body to function properly. The average daily sleep has to exceed seven hours . During sleep our body releases a series of hormones that awake we do not release and that make us recover of the fatigue. In addition, you are necessary for proper neural and muscular functioning.

Caring for food and sport is essential, but to spend hours to sleep is equally important and therefore we must include it in our daily plans . It is a good habit that is necessary to acquire. In addition, sleep will help us regulate the metabolism, make us perform much more, feel and see us younger, make us consume less food throughout the day …

Eliminate vices such as alcohol and tobacco

Among everyday habits we must discard alcohol and tobacco . Both they only do is increase the levels of toxins in the body, which are involved in the malfunction of certain organs. In the case of tobacco the circulation of the blood and the state of the respiratory apparatus will be affected. With alcohol are the kidneys and liver that are directly affected, as the overload to which we submit is high.

In short we must keep in mind that not only does sport help us to be healthy. Sport is a part of that whole , but the different habits of life are just as important when it comes to getting health in perfect condition. After all sports activity is a habit that must be present in our lives and that will contribute their bit. It will not do much sport if we are not well fed and rested. The ideal is to achieve a perfect balance between all of them to feel in perfect condition.

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