Physical exercise to combat constipation

The sedentary lifestyle in today’s society, together with the stress that dominates much of our life is mired are some of the factors that could explain the constipation suffering from a growing percentage of the population. We propose some tips to avoid this type of intestinal affections, you want to know them? then continue reading.

One of the best alternatives that we can choose in order to improve our intestinal transit and eliminate all toxins accumulated inside our body, which in the medium to long term may be responsible for many different diseases, physical exercise with Frequency and abandon the passive attitude we have adopted in recent years.

Physical exercise to combat constipationThe sedentary lifestyle  contribute to our gut is displayed slower in their basic functions, making it difficult our task to eliminate the ingested in the last hours or even days. The willpower plays a very important role to motivate us to practice physical activity determined to tone our muscles and thus avoid decrease the rate and intestinal motility. If we take the official data offered, for example, from the European Heart Network, we will observe that peoples are, along with other European countries, the first in the list of the most sedentary or less sport practiced in their daily life.

To these data, we have to add other figures directly related to the frenetic pace with which we perform each of the tasks of our daily lives and will end, although initially we are not aware of it, by altering our nervous system . Thus, if we look at the findings of a study by the consulting firm Towers Watson, we realize that our country is the one with the highest levels of stress among the population of workers.

Both factors together, the stress and physical inactivity, can become one of many main causes besides poor nutrition, explain the constipation suffering from a growing percentage of the population.

How to fight constipation 

To avoid such conditions, we can use, for example, to relaxation techniques in order to bring peace and serenity that our body needs in half the stress that the responsibilities and concerns of our daily lives cause us at all times. To achieve this , for example, we can give us a minimum of 30 minutes to eat and give us time to rest the food. On the other hand, can also be applied relaxing feet massage or abdomen to soothe possible cumulative pain.

As discussed in previous lines, we take care of our diet and, therefore, the food we eat every day. For example, if we are that we include a bun for breakfast or coffee after lunch, we will replace the first for a few plums rich in fiber or some kiwis, and, as for the latter, they can be replaced by an infusion Or tea that will provide the amount of water necessary for everything to flow in our interior. We can also make use of intestinal regulators tablets, as composed of natural ingredients such as Aloe, to promote bowel movement, or chamomile to improve digestion.

Finally, it is of vital importance, but we can be a great effort from the start exercising, at least for a minimum of three times a week, because in addition to helping us away from our inner all concerns, will also contribute to the movement Of our intestine. We can choose the sedentarism, the cycling or the athletics, sports disciplines that arouse the interest of a good part of the public at present.

If we take care of our health and pay attention to the needs and signals of our body, our body will thank us in the form of greater physical and mental well-being.

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