What counts more in the exercise, the duration or frequency?

If you are someone who want to get the benefits of physical activity but do not have time to exercise every day, behold, a finding that will interest you. Discover what a group of researchers found regarding duration or frequency and tell us what the method that best fits your possibilities are: Exercise 20 to 25 minutes per day or 150 minutes do fluently, once a week?

A study published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism reports that the number of times that you exercise per week is not as important as doing the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity. That is if you are someone who tends to exercise only on weekends; this is good news for you.

Image Source: Google image

Image Source: Google image

To get this data, researchers at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, analyzed the habits of more than 2,300 adult Canadians, seeking to determine whether the frequency with which they exercised affected their risk of developing diabetes, diseases cardiac and / or acerebrovascular accident (stroke). According to the quantity and frequency of who exercised it they were classified as assets often (five to seven days a week) or infrequently assets (one to four days a week).

At the end of the study, researchers found that people who did 150 minutes of exercise a few days during the week were no less healthy than those exercising more often. It is indicating that the important thing is to reach at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week, no matter if the adults choose them all together in a free moment or divide by 20 or 25 minutes each day.

And you how much and how you exercise? While there are studies that try to detect what is the most appropriate time to exercise, it is still important to keep physically active. So you find that little bit to practice this exercise that you like better than doing nothing. And now you know, no matter if you make the whole exercise in one or two sessions, if health care is all about.

Remember to keep an exercise routine provides several health benefits not only the heart and diabetes, but it can also help reduce stress and anxiety that can cause you complications of everyday life.

With this information, you just have to find the physical activity that suits your taste and your particular condition. Maybe you can go to the gym several times a week or you prefer to turn a simple walk in a workout. Until gardening weekends can be healthy. Of course it will depend on your age and physical condition and overall health.

If you want to start a new exercise routine, remember to do gradually to avoid injury and be sure to check with your doctor if you have a health condition that needs attention before starting the exercises, so you advice regarding particular care you should take in your particular case ahead and tell us what is the routine you’ve chosen for your health and prolong your years of life!

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