Work your whole body using only one disc

Although we usually use them to load our bars, discs can not only be used in this way, but with them we have plenty of options to work your whole body as we show below.

Why a disc?

Although there are many other elements that we can and should use to achieve a varied and effective workout, the disks have many advantages because not only are not as expensive as others but are versatile and easy to store.

Discs can be used as if they were dumbbells to perform many exercises can crawl, can be hung as a ballast and can even serve as a support for our body. Moreover, its circular shape are suitable to rotate and thus produce a training function.

Depending on the weight of the disc you choose can make different movements with them and thus work the entire body to complete.

Disks as cargo or ballast

The most common way to use the discs is as loaded next to a bar, but employee without it can also run different exercises.

For example, we can do bicep curls type hammer with both hands, rowing chin, twist spins the disc in his hands, bench presses and many other exercises more with only one disc in both hands.

It is also possible to embrace the disc in front of the body and thus run lifts trunk to intensify the abdominal work, or, stride and squats to train the lower body.

Of course, by holding the disc on one side of the body we can also perform heel lifts to work twins, for example.

Another alternative is to turn the disc held with both hands and arms extended in front of body way of working and middle arms, and also more intensive option is to spin the disc holding between both feet.

Of course, using a rope we can also use the disc as ballast in suspension exercises such as the dominated, the intensity will rise because we will not only increase the body weight but this plus the weight of the disc.

Other disk options

Besides the classic use of disks as cargo or ballast, we can use these elements as support, i.e. if we stack a number of these will achieve a bench or step which can raise and lower to work legs, also in this way we can use the disks for classic box jump but with a different base disc drawer.

We may also use smaller disks to support our feet pushup position and drag them to bring knees to chest and abdominal work.

Another alternative is to choose a disc much weight with the help of a rope, drag the whole body to resemble a sled drag or drag sled.

To work cardio can simply place the discs on the ground and jump them or avoid them as we run as if they were an obstacle on the road.

And of course, we can give you many more uses according to our creativity when training. We just know you do not need expensive or sophisticated equipment to achieve results as a disc can only work the body to complete.

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