Decorating with Italian accent …

La bella Italia is the epicenter of fashion and style, also in the interior, it is home to some of the most important decoration fairs in the world. Italy trendsetting yet classic drinks from the winds of Ancient Rome, the art forms of the Renaissance or Romanticism. Italy is the cradle of fusion of genres and movements for not over time. Its capital, also gives us a touch always vintage. Roman streets are Vespas and 600, cappuccinos and vermouth, sea and hills, streets and large squares. Do you want to put a little of this in your home?
Decorating with Italian accent ...Mediterranean light

The Italian houses are characterized by very bright. The proximity to the sea and the mild climate make day lighting prevail over the artificial, so it is important to have many windows, the bigger the better. To frame, utilized curtains or blinds clear and not very thick. If the windows are not very large, or in the worst case yours is an inner housing, it will be more difficult to achieve this environment, but not impossible. The key will play the most natural light possible with ambient lighting, warm, never direct lights, lamps auxiliaries, candles or chandeliers … and use light colors that bring cleanliness and spaciousness both surfaces and furniture, leaving the touch of contrast for details.

Materials and colors

The palette preferred color is white or beige combined with shades found in nature. The type of classic furniture saw any room of the house and dominated by curved lines, metal and wood rustic character, but also furniture elegant painted in light colors, and even some fine satin fabric. The maximum decorative is the mixture of elements, without fear of overloading, but without losing elegance.

The family has

The importance given to it in Italian culture to the family nucleus can be seen reflected also in the home. There are two rooms starring much of the space of a house: the kitchen and dining room .These two rooms, next to the terrace you have, is the context where much of life is part of the home. You will spend most time in both therefore must be spacious, comfortable and cozy. In general, the whole house has to transmit this feeling of familiarity and warmth.

Gastronomic earth

Italy also has areas very important vineyards, and culinary products are known worldwide, so do not forget to place some gastronomical reference decorative, like wine rack furniture or pictures with a still life even outside the kitchen. Of course, they cannot miss the typical textile checkered for the table.

Love at first scooter

The romance is as important as retro in the Italian style. Getting a vintage atmosphere is simple choosing the right elements: pictures of classic motorcycles, color contrasts in a room that reconciles the elegance of the rest … and complement it with Bohemian airs that give the perfect touch of privacy. You choose where want to guide the multitude of variants that is within the same style as the Italian.

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