Manual Pasta Makers Review

The best way to satisfy a true pasta fanatic is high quality fresh homemade pasta with the help of manual pasta maker. But most of us generally get skeptical with the electric pasta machine which is very easy to operate. Past couples of years it proves us wrong while choosing pasta machine that we still prefer the manual pasta maker over some automatic versions. In my opinion it’s only because we want to adopt the same traditional way they use to make with their own hand. Now if someone trying to find out the best pasta maker in the market the answer is Marcato Atlas 150. They are the leading brand in the market and a well reputed Pasta maker company established more than 80 years ago. Over the few years we have done a manual pasta makers review for our viewers and we will discuss why this Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness become the best manual pasta maker company in this article.

If you are looking for the best manual pasta maker on the market, you shouldn’t look any further than the Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness. Marcato is the best brand of pasta rollers and has been in the pasta maker industry for over 80 years. This review will focus on all the aspects why this is deemed the perfect pasta roller and why this should be your first choice to buy.

Safety Issue

The Marcato Atlas 150 Wellness is the most safer than any other pasta machine because its made with anodized aluminum which prevent the roller to generate any harmful element such as chromium, nickel in the pasta dough. The Marcato Atlas maintain a safety feature to provide healthy food to your family.

Best Manual Pasta Machine In The Market

Marcato Atlas Wellness 150

The only machine that gets the best positive manual pasta makers reviews from thousands of pasta fan as the number one manual pasta maker on earth. Producing its best quality pasta made the machine a masterpiece. With one attachment you can easily make three different types of pasta. ( Spaghetti, fettuccine and lasagna).They used a traditional hand crank in 150 and the machine is an Italian made. This machine has lots of versatility such as providing 9 different thickness manual with an easy dial mechanism. It has two different cutters which allow all pasta give a required thickness and you can easily attach other pasta shape as well.

Ensuring the best quality in production level also give Atlas pasta makers a trust worth band reputation among the consumer. Chrome plated steel body and anodized rollers and cutter make the machine rust resistant. Most of the pasta maker comes with 2 years warranty but Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 comes with whole 10 years warranty to demonstrate the company’s promise to their consumer.  You can easily match your machine with the kitchen from its nine different colors to pick from.  A beautiful design and full stainless steel body ensure its stability and with proper care the machine might stay a lifetime.


  • The machine has two attachment which is absolutely free
  • Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 made with anodized aluminum which prevent the roller to generate any harmful element
  • With good care the machine might stay lifelong
  • There are many extra attachments available in the market
  • Scope to turn the manual machine into an electric machine by adding additional motor
  • Whole 10 years warranty for their entire pasta machine

Closing Topic

Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 also got the most positive reviews in Amazon as well for the best quality and efficiency. Now ask me why we choose this from a bunch of other product in the market and the answer is its variation of pasta shape and simple mechanism to operate made this machine a best kitchen tool. Now let’s find out why we will buy this machine and the answer is homemade pasta is best because it’s 100% preservative and chemical free and its very healthy, hygienic and tasty which simply added the nutrition in our meal. Marcato Atlas Wellness 150

Moreover, making pasta at home is a completely different experience.  After getting all this positive manual pasta makers review this is obvious that now on more peoples will go for Marcato Atlas Wellness 150 if they select a manual pasta maker instead of electric pasta machine.

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