Selling up? Four unbeatable home staging techniques

Selling your home in the capital has never been easier, with properties being snapped up by cash-rich buyers within hours of being released onto the market.

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Selling your home for the price you want to achieve can be a completely different matter, however. Predatory buyers know they hold all the cards and many are looking for investment or buy-to-let properties; therefore, your house needs to be presented in such a way that you can demand the highest possible price. If buyers feel they have nothing to do before letting or selling the property on, they will offer you a better price. If they don’t have to bring in professionals to redecorate and undertake carpet and curtain cleaning in London, they will look on your property more favourably.

1 Declutter

Make your house into a blank canvas wherever possible. It doesn’t matter where you put your ‘stuff’ but it is important to make your house look tidy, as an untidy property indicates a lack of storage and makes rooms appear smaller.

2 Dress rooms appropriately

We all use our houses and flats in a way that suits our needs; however, for selling purposes, that third bedroom/office needs to be dressed with a bed to make a clear definition of the space. You can always borrow a bed or pick one up cheaply on a local free-ad site.

3 Clean curtains and carpets

When was the last time you cleaned your curtains? There is a good chance they will be dry clean only. Don’t despair, as there are businesses that offer services such as curtain cleaning in London and the surrounding area. Companies such as will usually also be able to clean your carpets, which will make a noticeable difference to both the smell and the appearance of your rooms.

4 Re-dress your property

Your property is now clean and tidy, smelling nice and just needs a few homely touches to set it above the other properties that your potential purchaser is viewing. It may seem a cliche to have a pot of coffee on or a cake baking when you are expecting people, but this is clearly better than the smell of last night’s Chinese or wet dog!

Good luck with selling your property. Use these tips and you will have your best chance of attaining the price you want.

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