The value of an architect

You have several options when it comes to choosing someone who can help design your project. Here are some reasons that architects have traditionally been the most qualified building professionals for you:

Architects are well-trained

When it comes time to start building a house or factory or a hotel, this could be the single most expensive purchase you make. Choose a designer who is qualified or the one who doesn’t have any training?

You are choosing someone highly qualified when you choose an architect. In the UK, the title “Architect” is protected by law and only those listed on the ARB Register can use it.

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Architects do not only learn about design, but also a wide range of other subjects. These include Project and Contract Management, Planning Regulations, Sustainability, Structures, Building Regulations, Acoustics, Health and Safety, Environmental Control, amongst many others. Architects are the best people for a design team because of their well-rounded education. For Sustainable Architects, visit

Architects have been trained to see problems, find solutions, and think laterally. This, combined with their other training components, has given them an unique set of skills and a place in the construction process.

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Architects continue to receive training even after they are certified. The Royal Institute of British Architects requires all members to commit to lifelong education and complete an annual training programme of over a full week. This is to ensure that they have the most up-to-date knowledge of legislation and technological advances to offer their clients the best possible service. These important requirements aren’t met by many other building design services providers.

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