How to wear a polo shirt

Polo shirts are a must-have for any guy’s wardrobe. Get a few good quality polo shirts and use them as staple pieces for your wardrobe. You can wear polo shirts in any number of ways, for the warmer sunny days or under a sweater or blazer for when it’s a bit cooler. There are some dos and don’t of how to wear a polo shirt, but the rules are simple and the results are great.

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Get a good fit

Make sure your polo shirt fits well. Avoid it being too tight, but a baggy fit won’t give you the stylish look that you’re going for. Fitted polo shirts will give you the smart casual look that looks stylish and relaxed.

Experiment with styles

You can treat the polo shirt as a t-shirt and wear it with jeans, chinos, cargo pants or go for something more stylish and wear it under a blazer or with smart trousers. Fasten the collar or leave the top button undone depending on whether you’re looking for smart or casual. Tuck the polo in for a smarter look or leave it out for something more relaxed, try not to have one that is too long though.

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Don’t do this

Don’t be tempted to try a tie with a polo and leave the collar lying flat. Turning your collar up won’t give you the style you want.

Try colours, fabric and patterns

Experiment with the look you want, whether you are going for plain or patterned polo shirts in neutral or bright colours. Try a range of fabrics. There’s plenty of different style to choose from at Lyle & Scott.

Do some homework

Have a look at how some stylish celebrities wear their polo shirts, here’s some great examples: Choose some staples for your wardrobe from a good stockist such as EJ Menswear and re-create the looks that the experts pull off.

Get a stock

Have a range of plain or coloured polo shirts in your wardrobe that you can dress up or down with your other staple items. The same polo shirt will look great with jeans for an informal look or go for a smarter look and wear it under a stylish suit.

Keep it simple

You can go for a patterned look or a plain colour but avoid flashy logos and keep it looking stylish.


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