Small business ideas for crafters

Although coming up with a great business idea may sound like a tricky task, if you enjoy crafting, it is highly likely that you already have some of the skills you’ll need to start supplementing your income.

Data shows that there were 3.1 million sole traders in the UK in 2022, accounting for more than 50% of all active businesses in the UK. If you want to join that number, here are a few ideas to consider.

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Sewing specialist

From fixing buttons to significant alterations and even creating your own clothing, accessories or homeware pieces, sewing specialists are always in demand. Begin by building a customer base by delivering top quality smaller services and then consider expanding your repertoire into design.


From small, tactile decorative bowls to hand carved spoons and much larger furniture items, the good news for woodworkers is that there is consistently solid demand for these types of products, especially online.

Use social media to showcase your work and take your audience behind the scenes of what your creative process involves. From here, you could make limited edition collections to sell or take custom orders from people who love your work.

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Fibre artist

Whether you’re a quilter, weaver or knitter, you already have the potential to become a successful fibre artist and sell your creations at in-person markets and online.

If this route is one that has piqued your interest, but you’re not yet confident enough to craft products or works of art to sell, why not refine your techniques by completing a selection of craft kits? A macrame kit could be an excellent one to start with and there are lots available to choose such as those seen here: Just remember that when it comes to selling your work, you should focus on creating your own unique designs that reflect who you are as a creative person.

The great news for creatives and crafters is that there are many opportunities out there for you to use your talents to supplement your income and begin your journey towards becoming your own boss.

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