5 things about the country of Turkey you probably didn’t know.

The easiest thing to associate Turkey and holidays is beaches. It’s a trip to Bodrum for many of us and that’s where we’ll stay (and none the worse for that!) However, there is so much more to this beautiful European country sat right on the edge of the Middle East than you would credit. In fact, it’s probably worth a longer stay and a Kas Villa Rental can really help with that. Have a visit to the website here at http://kas4villarentals.com/ to give you a flavour of what’s on offer. Let have a look at some facts that you may have missed about Turkey.

  1. It gave the world the Tulip. The song “Tulips from Amsterdam” seems to be a little bit redundant now doesn’t it? The Tulip flower was in fact discovered in Turkey and was presented as a gift to the Flemish ambassador. He took them home and they flourished. Many new species of plant get discovered every year in Turkey because of its beautiful climate. We can also thank the Turks for giving us coffee (they found it in what is now Ethiopia) and also cherries.

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  1. Ever heard of Palandöken? Of course not, Turkey is known for its beaches isn’t it? Well yes and rightly so but it also has the skiing resort of Palandö It actually has one of the best and longest ski runs in Europe and it’s all natural. It’s a winter break that you may not have considered before now.

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  1. Agriculture was born in Turkey. Give us this day our daily bread? Well it’s to Turkey that you can thank the introduction of grains and wheats that came from developed grasses. Turkey is one of the highest producers of grain to this day and it’s amazing to think that it all started here.
  2. Anyone for oil wrestling? It’s not everyday that you find a countries national sport is made up of 2 burly topless men covered in olive oil and grappling with each other in the daytime. As it dates back six hundred and fifty years ago it’s certainly got pedigree. If you don’t fancy that then maybe the camel and bull wrestling is more to your liking. Although that’s a winter sport apparently!
  3. Building ancient monuments before they were supposed to is also a feature. Usually simple skills such as farming (they already had that skill if you remember) pottery, the use of the wheel and some kind of writing was thought to be needed to ensure the projects could go smoothly. Not so after discoveries made in archaeology in Turkey. They showed that the ancients were quite capable of putting up such things about two thousand years before what was the accepted start of monument building.

And that’s just scratching the surface.

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