Eating with the royal family

Here in the UK many of us are mesmerised by the lives of the royal family members. Whenever there is an event such as a wedding or christening, people from all over the world line the streets of London to catch a glimpse of the royals and to feel like they have been a part of their big celebration. We like to think of them as having very eccentric lives and one such area that intrigues us is their meal times.

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Most of us sit down to a home cooked meal of an evening and the royal family are no different, except they have kitchen and waiting staff available to them and use cutlery items much like the ones you find in restaurants. Restaurant Cutlery is often supplied to the restaurant and for the best restaurant cutlery visit Heritage Silverware who manufacture and distribute some wonderful pieces.

Here are some interesting facts about the royal family and their eating habits that have been gathered from interviews and statements made by previous kitchen staff members.

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  • Garlic is one ingredient that is not permitted in the royal house household and the main reason for this is garlic is a herb that tends to hang around on the breath after it has been consumed and the royal family members are often meeting with public figures and other important members of society. To remove any embarrassing after garlic situations it is simply not included in any of the meals.
  • The Queen is reportedly against wasting food that can be reused. It has been reported that she will insist that the kitchen staff and chefs in particular make the most of all of the items in the kitchen and not waste food.
  • Her Royal Highness is also not a fan of potatoes and pasta, preferring to choose other vegetables or a salad to accompany her meals with griddle fish and or chicken being a particular favourite.
  • Kate is reportedly a big fan of home cooking and since their wedding in 2011 she has cooked most of the meals for Prince William and her children.
  • At large dinner parties and events everyone is to stop eating once the Queen finishes her meal regardless of whether they have finished theirs or not. This is seen as a mark of respect for her royal standing.
  • A long standing rule that has been broken many times by the younger members of the royal family is that they should not eat shellfish. This is due to the fact that it is very easy to become ill from eating such food items and this is something that the royal family want to avoid, especially with the number of public engagements they have to attend each week.

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