Finding Better Staff for Your Restaurant Kitchen

Having great staff is a cornerstone of any business. In a restaurant, it can mean the difference between a smooth kitchen, delicious food and happy customers and a dying business. Staff who are competent and motivated make a better kitchen, so read on for tips on finding the right staff.

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Get the Right Job Description

The first thing is to make sure your job description matches the role closely. Include any necessary skills and experience. However, don’t set the bar too high if the role does not require it. Be honest about what really matters. It is also a good idea to put the salary or payment on offer – this saves time, as it means only someone interested in what you have on offer will apply.

Evaluate the Interview Process

Interviews should be highly relevant and directed towards the job at hand as well as reveal more about the candidate’s personality. Don’t just box-tick from an HR sheet – think how to really get to know the candidate on a practical level. The interviewer needs to prepare as much as the interviewee, so think about questions to ask and consider the interview from the candidate’s perspective.

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Background Checks

Think about what background checks to conduct and why. It is important not to rule someone out just because of a minor indiscretion at a young age or something that is irrelevant. Sometimes the background is not that important, while other times it is highly relevant.


Get involved with other local organisations and talk to people in the same trade as you. Often you will find a new hire through word-of-mouth. You can also get in touch with nearby culinary schools to forge relationships with them, and you could find a bright new graduate in your kitchen.  It is a good idea to have a location for you all to meet and talk face to face in a well established well resourced facility like a Meeting Rooms Windsor place.  To take a look at what is included to look at quotes browse links such as

Hire for Attitude

Sometimes attitude is more important than skills, especially at a lower level. People with the right attitude can learn quickly and are motivated and enthusiastic.

Promote from Within

Sometimes the right staff can be under your nose. Consider looking within the company, as someone might be ready for a promotion or a change of direction.

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