Get the most from your Winter Garden this year

As the winter rolls in, many of us will be retreating indoors, putting our heating on and neglecting our garden for the next six months at least. This is an ideal time to get a Boiler Service Cheltenham company to come out and check your radiators and heating system through sites like But why not make the most of your garden throughout the entire winter? It is extra space in your home, and used correctly can be a lot of fun and create a lot of happy memories. Have a look at this guide to the Winter months for ideas on what to do in the garden…

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November – The evenings are long and dark now – and perfect for fireworks! Throw a bonfire party (a good excuse to burn all of your rubbish ready for Christmas!), make a Guy to put on the bonfire and get a few friends around to enjoy hot chocolate and burgers. Get some fireworks and make a night of it – make sure that you check your bonfire for any hedgehogs nesting in it before you set light to it.

December – A winter wonderland! If we are lucky, we will get some snow to coat the landscape in its festive beauty, but if we don’t spread a little Christmas cheer by decking hedges, tress, anywhere really with strings of pretty outdoor lights and make a real festive scene in your own back garden. There is a lot of inspiration in shops and garden centres for whatever budget and taste you have.

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January – To make yourself feel a little more optimistic in the dark days of January, how about starting to prepare your garden for the year ahead? Check out fake fir trees for christmas for your garden to create a pretty outdoor area and it can be enjoyed all year round.  Also, you could prepare some vegetables indoors – lettuce, cabbage and cauliflowers all start off well indoors and you will be able to harvest an early crop to enjoy!

February – Thankfully the winter is nearing an end and warmer weather is on the horizon! Now is the ideal time to start pruning bushes for the new growing year, if you are after some garden furniture for the summer, now is an ideal time as many stores still have a sale on, so you may well grab yourself a bargain!


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