How can I move traffic from my Instagram to my website?

Last year Instagram launched a business account option alongside their standard user account. Instagram’s focus since then is helping users with branding and meaningful customer engagement. Here are four easy ways to use your Instagram account to increase traffic to your website.

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1. Placing links in your bio works

This deceptively simple strategy is very effective. Results show accounts that change their bio links regularly, plus engage visitors with clear calls to action to click on the link in the bio section, enjoy significant results.

Never assume visitors will know what to do next. Always take a moment and offer clear instructions. Visitors will do what you suggest, particularly if you offer an incentive such as special offers – anything that confirms your website and products are easy to access.

2. Run a targeted ad campaign

Instagram ad campaigns mirror Facebook Ads, so targeting your customers is easy. When you run your own ad campaign, you select Facebook targeting options such as location, purchase history, behaviour, age and gender. Be as clear and relevant as possible with your targeting options to maximise results. A good rule of thumb is to spend a minimum of £4 per day and allow your campaign to run long enough to gather worthwhile results.

Working with a company specialising in local SEO services such as ( can further boost your ad campaign success.

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3. Work with Influencers

Consider working with Instagram Influencers relevant to your industry and tap into a flourishing sub sector of social media. Instagram Influencers are a new generation of marketing geniuses creating ingenious content and huge followings. These powerful Instagram users guarantee traffic flow to websites they endorse.

Influencers are discovering their world of endorsement also extends to book deals and other lucrative business deals. Working with and observing Influencers in your industry can teach you an enormous amount about branding and how to develop your own following further.

4. Add a URL to your videos

Instagram videos attract triple the inbound link return than image posts. Create an engaging 15 second narrative for your video – you’ll see results. A great way to maximise these results is to include your URL as an overlay to the video as well as including the URL in your video voice over.

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