Practical and Financial benefits of having Flooring alternatives for a greener home

There used to be just a couple of options when choosing home flooring: carpets or hardwood. Hardwood can be detrimental to the climate because it requires the removal of trees, and the installed product can easily get damaged when sharp items are dropped on it. Carpets have always been hard to clean, especially when you own pets or have children. They can also contain harmful chemicals, which are bad for one’s health and pollute the air. Nowadays, there are many other solutions that can be used for flooring, which are environmentally friendly, hygienic and stylish.

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If you are seeking a contemporary look for a room in your home, flooring made from concrete is the most permanent solution. By choosing stamped concrete, this gives a colourful appearance that imitates tile, flagstone or wood.


Wool and recycled carpets are now processed in a more natural way that does not have a detrimental impact on the environment.

The installation process itself should also be environmentally friendly. There are multiple ways to achieve this, such as using green materials for the fittings. According to the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Green Label Plus, by opting for Green Label Plus brand, you can be certain that you have selected the items with the lowest VOS emission.

Hard Flooring

Bamboo is qualified as hardwood, whilst cork flooring is a softer type of wood. The manufacturing process of these is more sustainable, and does not require the complete removal of trees, as it allows them to be harvested and regrown within a few years. If you are thinking of a cork floor covering, a wide range is available online.
Investment Opportunities

When thinking of a greener house through flooring you may wish to consider a financial benefit. Changing your flooring and expanding it to do so could make a significant difference in appearance if you decided to sell your home. If you are looking to expand your property this can also increase its value.  To help with the financial costs of this you could consider going through the channels of equity release.  Palmer Associates help with equity release Gloucestershire requirements in addition to all other financial experts that also offer this within their field across the UK.


This recycled option does not take any new resources away from the environment. It provides a fire and water resistant surface, with a shiny finish, that helps to make dark rooms lighter.

It is personal taste as to which material is used. Whilst it is advisable to take some practicalities into consideration when choosing floorings, you should always consider your surroundings, the process and the environment. Thinking about these things will help you to recognise the importance of selecting an eco-friendly option.

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