Reasons to Visit Ghana

Visiting West Africa simply must include a visit to Ghana, a vibrant and diverse nation with a rapidly growing economy. Include Ghana in your African itinerary and receive a warm ‘Akwaaba’ from the friendly Ghanaian people. Here are some top reasons to go see for yourself:


Imagine walking down the street as a colourful parrot or tropical bird flits past your head. The birds here are quite amazing. You’ll come across birds of paradise, herons and cormorants flying in flocks over the marshlands. Baboons line the side of the quieter roads, the monkeys screech in delight as they swing through the forest and you’ll be amazed by the elephant herds of the Mole National Park.


A large number of tribes originate in Ghana so the cultural festivities are rich and plentiful here. The ancient rituals on show are both magical and mystical to see. One festival begins with a ban on music, a chance to reflect and appease the Gods in memory of a serious famine that occurred here. A few weeks later the festival ends with a procession to the sea whilst everyone dresses in white. A wonderful festival that takes place in Techiman involves men dressing as women and vice versa as a celebration to rid residents of social evils.

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If you do like to be beside the seaside then you’ll appreciate the 335 miles of diverse coastline that Ghana has to offer. You’ll discover the best spots for sunbathing, water sports, beach bars and nightclubbing. For tranquil, breath-taking views, visit Cape Three Points or the stunning Keta lagoon. If surfing is your thing, then Kokrobite is a must, on the edge of the city of Accra for its amazing surf and party vibe. Whether you want to go horse riding on the sand or riding the waves, you’ll find it all in Ghana.


Picking up a souvenir from the vast array of authentic craftsmanship will be the toughest part of your visit to Ghana. Stunning Ankara fabrics are extremely popular in a bright, vibrant spectrum of colours. The straw weavers of Bolgatanga make the iconic, colourful hand-woven baskets and sun hats that are so beautiful to look at. To pick up a Fairtrade Bolga Basket, visit You’ll also see the wonderful woodworking of the Djembe drums and other percussion instruments made from Calabash gourds.

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With its dramatic history of slavery and colonization, Ghana has more castles and forts than any other African country. Stretching the length of the coastline, these buildings have a fascinating history, often harrowing but well worth a visit. Cape Coast Castle is a must-see UNESCO World Heritage Site and so is the Fort Metal Cross, found amidst a bustling fishing site. The nation has a rich history, being the first sub-Saharan African country to gain independence in 1957. A visit to the National Museum of Ghana in Accra and Independence Square will give you a deeper appreciation of the country’s journey.

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