Some of the Best Chip Shops in the UK

Fish and Chips is our iconic British dish and although enjoyed at any time of the year, it always tastes better when eaten in the summer by the sea. The crispy batter, fresh flaky fish and chunky, salty chips is incredibly moreish. So, where are the best chippies to visit this summer with Coach Hire Dorset?

Colman’s Fish & Chips in South Shields

This chippie has been in the same family since 1926, so they know a thing or two about serving up the perfect fish and chip dish. No more are there coal-fired but now food is cooked in high-spec ranges. Real scampi and Thai prawn fishcakes are on offer, alongside the traditional cod and chips. They won’t reveal the secret behind their batter recipe though!

The Bay in Stonehaven

Keen on sustainability, this takeaway on the seafront near Aberdeen serves up some of the finest fish and chips in the UK. Such is their reputation that a top Edinburgh seafood restaurant uses the takeaway’s batter recipe. The chips are cooked in beef dripping and the fresh haddock from the bay is to die for. Book your summer seaside getaway today with Coach Hire Dorset from Turners Coach Hire.

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Cod’s Scallops in Nottingham

You don’t have to be beside the seaside to enjoy a great fish and chips meal. This place is so good that even local Michelin-starred chef Sat Bains is a fan. You can choose your fish from a wet fish counter and then have it fried-to-order in beef dripping or baked in lemon and garlic. Seasonal favourites to enjoy include mussels, oysters, grilled sardines and a delicious fish soup.
Burton Road Chippy in Lincoln

Here you can enjoy real homemade mushy peas, meals fried to order and a reputation for the fluffiest, fat chips made from local Maris Piper potatoes. You know you’re in safe hands as this restaurant came second place in the official National Fish & Chip Awards in 2017. You’ll find a selection of fresh haddock and cod, panko-coated squid and pickled eggs, combining a taste of the traditional with a little contemporary excitement.

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The Fish Shed in Exeter

Located in the large Darts Farm food hall in a place called Topsham near Exeter, is the Fish Shed. This eatery has become somewhat of a pilgrimage site for connoisseurs of the world of fish and chips. The restaurant was opened by a local scallop diver and it serves fish that has been caught in Lyme Bay within the last 12 hours. For those looking for a touch of class, also on the menu are scallops and bacon, beer-battered fish, Salsa Verde, lobster and beef-dripping chips. For the health-conscious, you can swap out your chips for salad and choose grilled fish instead of fried.


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