SS 2016 is hotter than ever

While winter may still be making us feel the chill, it won’t be that long before the cheerier and warmer weather of spring and summer 2016 are upon us! This means we can shed our heavy coats, long sleeves and stockings for lighter, looser and much sexier clothing and look forward to all those long, hot months of sunshine!

SS 2016 is hotter than ever

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Looking hot to trot

What kind of clothes and makeup looks are we going to be wearing to help us smoulder? Sites like Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan provide us with the low-down on the hottest trends on the catwalk, but how do we translate that into everyday life? Read on for some easy-to-follow trends that will have you staying ahead of the fashion pack this year.

SS 2016 must-haves

•       Sparkly hair: Apparently glitter-festooned roots are in for 2016! This is a new fashion trend that is effortlessly easy to follow; all you have to do is pick up some gel and some glitter in the colour of your choice and get sprinkling!

•       Pick up a statement bag: The bag is going to be big in 2016 and this means finding yourself a truly stand-out bag, whether you choose big, bold, or a wacky shape. Bags aren’t just a handy receptacle for your keys, your wallet and your makeup; these days, they are a bold fashion statement all on their own.

•       Ruffles: Yes, the ruffle is back! To follow this trend, all you have to do is go hunting for some gorgeous ruffled tops and dresses that will make you feel flirty and feminine. Don’t just buy new; check out vintage and charity shops, which are sure to hold some ruffled treasures!

•       Palm bracelets: Enough said!

•       Gorgeous underwear: Since wearing underwear as outerwear is in vogue, it’s time to invest in some seriously gorgeous undergarments. The Prima Donna Deauville bra is sure to be a winner. You can find it on sites such as This gorgeous bra is sure to make your SS 2016 truly sizzling!

Now that you have a few tips on how to make your spring and summer 2016 hotter than ever, all you have to do is pick up some new additions to your wardrobe and wait for that glorious sunshine to arrive!

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