Telltale signs your website needs an overhaul

If your website is not doing what it ought to do for your business and was designed some time ago, it may be time to call in experts such as Cheltenham website designers to give it a revamp. Here are some signs that indicate your website may need updating.

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It’s not responsive

As technology advances, websites need to work seamlessly across all types of devices. If your website was built to look good on a laptop and nothing else, an overhaul is long overdue to ensure it’s now compatible with tablets, smartphones and other devices.

It’s slow to load

One of the reasons your site may be slow to load is that it needs optimising. A redesign may help to cut back on specific elements on the site such as custom fonts, textures or images, which may be responsible for your site’s sluggishness.

You don’t use some functions or features

If there are parts of your website that are gathering dust and you no longer use, they are taking up valuable space and not serving any purpose. Call in experts such as Cheltenham website designers, who can freshen up your site and ensure that every page, feature and function is working to maximum effect. Crucially, if you have changed your offering, branding or image in the time since your website was last updated, you need to reflect any business changes in your website.

You are losing visitors

If you have been engaging in analytics and are finding that visitors are leaving your site over time, one of the reasons could be that they find your website stale. It could be a case of adding more content on a more regular basis, or it might mean conducting a complete overhaul so that it looks current, is easier to navigate and offers visitors compelling reasons to keep popping back.

No reference to social media

Social media is an effective marketing tool for raising brand awareness and connecting with customers, but if your website doesn’t feature social buttons for sharing and commenting, you could be missing a trick. Revamp your website to become social media active.

It was last updated 3-5 years ago

Technology and design trends change rapidly. If your website last had an overhaul around 3-5 years ago or more, it’s time to check whether it’s keeping up with the latest trends.

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