What does a tree surgeon do?

Ever wondered what a tree surgeon does? It sounds medical but in fact, is involved with the pruning, felling, planting and care of all trees in the UK. It’s a job with big responsibilities and can also be one of the most dangerous jobs to have.

There are many services on offer from a tree surgeon, all related to managing trees in all kinds of locations and for many different customers. Therefore, a tree surgeon must be good at communicating with people, be in great physical fitness, comfortable working with a range of power tools and happy to work outdoors in all weather conditions.

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One part of a tree surgeon’s job is to carry out inspections and assessments on the health and potential hazards of certain trees. The assessment gives the surgeon a chance to figure out how a job needs to be done and how potential hazards might impact the public. Private work will involve discussions with a client on how work is to be carried out, how long the work will take, and an estimate of the cost involved.

When a tree is suffering from dead or weakened branches, the tree surgeon must decide if the health of the tree is at risk and whether it’s worth saving. This is where they will normally have to climb the tree with a harness, to remove the dead branches. This is why it’s important to have a high level of fitness, as you could be climbing very high trees daily! For a professional Tree Surgeon Dorset, visit Tree Surgeon Dorset Keiran Boyland.

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The danger of the occupation comes with the use of pruning tools and chainsaws whilst suspended high up in a tree. An experienced professional will also know how to use such equipment in a safe and controlled manner to avoid the possibility of accidents.

When removing a few dead branches is not enough to save a tree, it might be necessary for the whole tree to be removed, especially concerning matters of public safety. Such a big and hazardous task will normally require several people working on it as the same time, performing different roles in order to stay safe. Disposing of timber in wood shredders is also a dangerous task.

The work doesn’t only involve pruning or chopping down tress but also planting them and caring for them too. Planting is an important job that must be done correctly to ensure the plant is properly in the ground and cared for, so it may thrive. The use of supports and cables might be required to prevent the tree needing extra maintenance in the future.

Tree surgeons are also involved in smaller projects such as pruning back problem hedges in gardens and alongside roads and any problem stumps that require removal.

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