What would we do without Ball Valves?

The valve is an incredibly useful item for industry. In fact, it would be pretty fair to say that if we did not have the humble valve we would not be able to have made the huge advances in technology, manufacturing, power production and even the conquest of space. You may be unable to comprehend what a ball valve actually does. Allow us then to fill you in on what it is and what it does do. You’ll soon see that a Brass Ball Valve, like those made at https://www.orseal.com/ are probably one of the most useful things you’ll ever come across.

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The thing that you need to understand about our dear friend the ball valve is that it controls flow. Flow is extremely important in many aspects of our lives it allows for certain chemicals to mix in certain quantities creating a positive reaction. For example, It can control the flow of water into a Nuclear reactor to stop the rods from getting too hot and making it go bang, which is extremely important for our supply of power and also the health and safety of the world in general. So you can see that the simple ball valve is vital to the running of the planet.

The ball valve is one of the best examples of how to control the flow of liquids to a very controllable degree. The valve is a hollow, perforated or pivoting ball that can be turned by a handle. The great thing about the ball valve is the handle. Why? Because it allows for the user to turn it quickly. If there is a problem, and whatever is being controlled by a flow needs to be shut off very speedly then the ball valve is able to do that job splendidly. Not only that, the ball valve is also perfect for regulating how much needs to go through the pipe.

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Where are you most likely to see the ball valve? As it is hidden away busy doing it’s job in the pipes you won’t see it (but if you can you should tell someone) apart from the all important handle, but examples of it use range from the control of drinking water, petrol in the fuel stations and the flow of oxygen into submarines and the international space station. It also helps the fire service regulate the water coming out of the fire engine. A very impressive piece of equipment indeed.

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