Apple Music grows at a rate of 4 million users per month, the leadership of Spotify trembles

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, recently commented that Apple Music already has more than 50 million users , just one month after having reached 40 million . And, although the figure also includes all users who are in testing period, it is still impressive.

Unlike Spotify, Apple Music does not have free plans , but does offer a trial period of three months, and it is estimated that of these 50 million users, between 8 and 10 million are still testing the music streaming service before commit to paying the subscription.

In the United States, Spotify is about to be surpassed by Apple Music , because in the North American country, Apple’s music service is growing at a much faster rate than that of the Swedes.

Although in the rest of the world Spotify is not threatened by Apple Music, the reality is that Apple’s music streaming offer represents one of its fastest growing businesses, one that could leave Spotify in second place as early as this summer. , at least in Uncle Sam’s land.

Spotify has 75 million paying users, users that it has amassed in 12 years. Apple Music has not even turned three years old and they already have more than half of that amount paying for their service.

Meanwhile, the Swedish company that has just hit the stock market, is still the leader in streaming music with its 170 million active users per month , and just for the almost 100 million users who use the app for free, Spotify has just to announce many improvements .

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