Chrome will soon notify you of MITM attacks

Google Chrome is still the most used browser, and its users will soon be able to benefit from very important functionality. Chrome 63 will introduce a new security option that will detect when a third-party software is performing a Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attack.

Man-in-the-Middle attacks allow you to read, insert and modify messages between two parties without any of them knowing that they have been attacked.

Thanks to this new security measure, Chrome 63 users will receive a warning when there are too many errors in SSL connections in a very short period of time. This notice will inform you that an attack might be occurring.

This new security functionality has been developed by Sasha Perigo , a Stanford student who developed this software while doing the internship at Google.

You can already try it in Chrome Canary

If all goes well, this new option will arrive in Chrome on the fifth of December . Meanwhile, users who are interested can activate this functionality in Chrome Canary .

To activate it in Windows , just follow the following steps:

  1. Right click on the Chrome Canary icon
  2. Search the “Direct Access” tab in the properties
  3. Add “–enable-features = MITMSoftwareInterstitial” to the end of “Destination” and apply.

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