Vimeo abandons its project to create a service similar to YouTube Red

Nowadays streaming video on demand with payment of a subscription is the order of the day . Considering the numbers that Netflix is ​​getting is not surprising. Everyone wants their share of the pie, even platforms that do not devote to VOD want to enter subscriptions.

An example of this is YouTube Red, the platform with which YouTube wants users to watch videos by paying a monthly subscription in exchange for exclusive programming and not see advertising. Vimeo announced that it wanted to do the same for 2018, and has now canceled the project as published in Recode.

This was what a public relations representative of the company commented to the media :

Vimeo has confirmed that it has decided not to proceed to offer its own programming service based on subscriptions that should appear next year.

The video platform had been thinking about the idea since 2014 , when HBO and CBS announced and launched their own subscription service. For these same years YouTube was beginning to shape what would eventually become YouTube Red.

Vimeo, for its part, has never made any necessary movement to acquire content that the public would pay to see on a regular basis. And yet, they have talked about it on multiple occasions. The head of the company, Joye Levn, commented that they were willing to “spend money on programming for the first time” and publicize it properly.

Now it seems that none of these plans will end up bearing fruit, and in part it could be due to the situation of YouTube Red , which does not finish taking off . If the idea of ​​Vimeo was to create a model similar to that of the company owned by Google it is logical that, seeing their results, they have decided not to take risks.

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