Nine architectural gems in which you can spend your next vacation

They are exceptional accommodations, unique and special spaces (and in some occasions, awarded with prizes ) to enjoy an incomparable stay.

A houseboat on Lake Geierswalde (Germany)

Sleeping surrounded by a lake of crystal clear water is just the perfect answer when what we are looking for are some days of real relaxation. This Airbnb accommodation located on the shore of Lake Geierwalde reminds us of a boat and also has its own dock and everything we would ask of a high standing establishment.

Remota Hotel in Patagonia

For those moments in which the only thing we want (and need) is to get lost in the other side of the world, this hotel, one of the referenced accommodations in the area and located in a building with a very peculiar architecture and awarded with several design prizes (as they tell on their website). The perfect starting point to explore the area and enjoy its first class service.

The ecological house of the owl (United Kingdom)

It is known as The Owl House and is one of the most original and creative establishments in its country, also awarded with several recognitions for being ecological and sustainable. The small garden leads us to the beach itself. A luxury.

Villa Campuan (Indonesia)

This beautiful building has won several design awards and is also eco-friendly. What more can you ask a residence to spend a few days of vacation? As well as offering you 360 degrees of incredible views that include the rice fields, a mountain range, Mt.Agung volcano and the ocean.

The House of Mirrors in Pittsburgh (United States)

Leaving one of Alicia’s fantasies, directly from the kingdom of wonders, this house leaves us with our mouths open. It seems obvious that it is the work of an artist, with its exquisite, overwhelming and luxurious decoration.

Elquil Domos, the hotel of the stars (Chile)

The ideal place to enjoy astrotourism. A hotel in full nature and with small geodesic rooms, with its own garden and the possibility of opening the roof to contemplate the sky without any barrier.

Tile House (California)

We are facing one of the most bizarre decoration that we can find on the Airbnb portal. A house that exudes color and creativity in abundance. Located in Twentynine Palms, in California, it is a refuge near the desert to dedicate itself to contemplation and total relaxation.

The glass house in California (United States)

Located in an exceptional setting, surrounded by greenery and facing a lake, this contemporary and tremendously intelligent construction, designed by Michelle Kaufmman, offers ingenious solutions and enviable views.

A futuristic apartment in Akureyri (Iceland)

The latest in design and the newest decorative trends merge with the wild nature that surrounds this peculiar building, the ideal starting point for outdoor activities, such as skiing or kayaking, or to contemplate the Northern Lights without leave the property.

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