Six property hotspots in Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester has seen an impressive increase in its property values in recent years, with some areas in particular climbing far beyond the national average. Some of these “hotspots” are places that have long been notorious for their high prices, others have only recently shifted from being defined as affordable areas. Here are six of them.

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  1. Bradford, Manchester

    Bradford (not to be confused with the city), is a district of Manchester that is just two miles from the city centre and is probably best known as the home of Manchester City football club. In August of 2022, the average house price there was £175,656. By October of 2022, that figure was £206,003. That means it increased by £30,347 during those three months.

    2. Beswick, Manchester

    Beswick and Bradford are neighbouring districts with very similar, and traditionally very reasonable, house prices. Both are currently hotspots, with Bradford slightly ahead. Beswick had an average price of £206,003 in October, which means that it saw an increase of £30,353 from its August price of £175,650.

    3. Broadheath, Trafford

    Trafford, as a whole, covers 41 square miles and is home to over 200,000 people. It has a reputation for solid incomes and low unemployment, as well as being home to several football clubs, including Manchester United. Broadheath is home to just over 12,000 residents and has a long industrial history. Over the August to October period in 2022, it saw a £39,326 increase in average house prices from £274,973 to ££314,219.

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  1. Belle Vue, Manchester

    Belle Vue has a reputation for more affordable prices, but it seems to be leaving that perception behind. The August to October period saw a £48,247 increase in the average cost of buying a property in the area. What had been a £159,362 average rose to £207,709 over that three-month period.

    5. Marple Bridge, Stockport

    Stockport is known for having some of Greater Manchester’s most affluent and most deprived areas. One part that had a reputation for expensive property even before property prices climbed was Marple Bridge. Marple Bridge houses already cost an average of £417,523 in August. That figure had risen to £470,424 by the time October arrived. The overall increase across that period was £52,901.

    6. Hale, Trafford

    Hale already had a reputation as a particularly lavish corner of Greater Manchester. In 2022, however, it saw an even more dramatic increase between August and October. In that period alone, the village’s average prices went from £731,501 to £800,843. That is a surge of £69,342, easily putting it at the top of our list of Greater Manchester hotspots.

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    There is no guarantee that these areas will remain hotspots with rising prices, but for the moment, they are the most sought-after districts and show price increases far above the rest of Greater Manchester. That means it may be the time to consider buying there, whilst they are doing well but before they increase too much.

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