Travel to the magical land of Lugo

Roman and erected as one of the oldest cities of origin Galicia, the province of Lugo can become the ideal travel next Christmas wrap and let the fate ancient magic that dominates every little corner of this dreamland. Would you accompany us on this little trip?

The early history of this Spanish town tells us about the passage of the Great Roman Empire along its paths, as witnessed by the remains found everywhere and now in the Provincial Museum. Possibly one of the best preserved and most emblematic treasures of this land and around the world we find it represented in the Roman wall, declared a World Heritage Site.

Travel to the magical land of LugoBuilt on a hill and guarded by towering mountains in the Lands of the Alto Minho, Lugo proposes a full of wonders to discover, that will not leave us indifferent way. If you want to discover them, we suggest you book a hotel in Sarria and prepare for a new adventure.

This town, located in the Camino de Santiago, stands out the Tower of the fortress of the Marquis of Sarria, only element that remained standing of the Fort itself and the monastery of Magdalena, built in the last period of the middle ages.

What to see in Lugo?

To visit the places and relics of the Roman Empire, not a bad idea to begin our journey by going to the above bimilenaria wall that surrounds the historic town of Lugo. The interior will offer breathtaking views of the oldest part of the city and the most modern from the outside.

In the Puerta del Postigo we have access to the Cathedral, the Provincial Museum road, where one of the shows most important collections of Galicia torc “castrexos” or Celtic jewelry and Roman mosaics. It would not be inconsiderable choose to bathe in the Roman baths and, incidentally, visit its ruins.

If we go to Ribadeo, one of the most important historically to the city from the commercial point of view villas, we must not lose emblematic buildings such as the Pazo de Ibáñez and Tower Moreno.

A tour of its historic end in Atalaya, very close to the castle of San Damiano, a fortress that defended the River Eo. Barreiros direction, on the same route from Ribadeo to Viveiro you’ll encounter the stunning and magical beach of the Cathedrals.

If you like wine, you must not miss the opportunity to get close to the most spectacular scenery of Ribeira Sacra, especially the canyons of the Sil, which can cross the river by catamaran. Also, you can visit the medieval castle of the Count of Altamira in Navia, located in the northern part of Ancares.

To let you wrap by the magic that distills Mother Nature in Lugo, we recommend you start your journey through the Sierra de O Caurel in Quiroga , known in Roman times for its auriferous wealth. Quiroga micro climate will also help the cultivation of wine, today included in the Designation of Origin Ribeira Sacra. At the heart of this mountain you cannot miss the Devesa of Rogueira, crossed by different routes designed for the more intrepid hikers.

What do you think Lugo, the magical land of Galicia and witnessed the passage of the Roman Empire?

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