3 types of disgruntled customers that can ruin your brand reputation

A customer upset with the treatment received, likes to hear everyone, for his strength is greater. It is not enough a complaint before the clerk, if there are people around fear I can say is multiplied. What better volume multiplier a social network that knows no geographical boundaries.

The dissatisfied customer wants an answer, and you already know and now has the upper hand because their cry is not at home, you can go around the globe within hours. Something that we put revealed recently to explain the side effects and the causes that can enable a dissatisfied consumer can jeopardize a large company on social networks.

3 types of disgruntled customers that can ruin your brand reputationAnger is the movement of the soul that stirs anger against someone, and that anger is what raises appetite for revenge. They are simple dictionary definitions sufficient to express emotions walking a dissatisfied customer. However, until the customer arrives to anger and anger could talk about three different levels:

Customer not happy : the service or product is acceptable, has not met their expectations but neither disappoints. This customer probably will not do anything, he simply will not buy.

Dissatisfied customer:  because the service or product has had some unexpected shortcomings believes that the company could have easily saved. He will inform the company, perhaps it will respond to the survey of satisfaction or, if it is more active, send an email, a tweet or comment on Facebook giving details and hoping that their complaints are addressed fairly.

Angry customer : the product or service has disappointed all expectations, if you feel cheated and wants compensation for it.

A client may experience only one of these levels or evolve from lower grade to more severe depending on the answers that offers the brand. If you do not feel heard, if the response is inadequate, angry or even arrogant by the company, it is likely that anger will increase. And the possibilities to channel that anger have changed substantially since the roots of social networks in our lives.

Before a claim to an airline could lead to a consumer hours and hours on the phone, possibly in a different language to their mother tongue, several emails explaining what happened, additional documentation requested the company to call back … Until finally made up for his mistake by offering a discount on your next flight. It takes patience and many consumers do not have it and threw in the towel before you start. Social networks have made it unnecessary that virtue is more, they have become the most demanding customers in obtaining an immediate response to their complaints.

What was once spread the word throughout the neighborhood ruining the reputation of a grocer, is now flooding the network with angry messages that are much more likely to be sharing a positive message. While formerly the most seasoned customers could at most send a letter to the editor in the local newspaper, today opened Facebook pages exclusively against large food chains that have wronged them or even pay 10,000 euros for a sponsored tweet to publicize their differences one of the most potent planet carriers. We no longer speak of an advertisement in the press, no.

And with a very powerful imitation factor which greatly complicates the task of companies. It is difficult and separate the wheat from the chaff and distinguish a dissatisfied customer a real troll.

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