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Using the Stars to Guide your Way at Sea

Sailing is a popular pastime, and it is something that is a huge part of the history of the UK. Being an island nation, the people of Britain have long been setting sail on...


How is nickel used in industry?

Nickel is a metallic element that can be found in abundance within the earth’s crust and core, within meteorites, and naturally occurring in both soil and water sources.


Can scrap copper be recycled?

The Earth’s resources are finite and there is a growing global acknowledgement that more must be done to preserve these resources. A simple and effective way in which existing stocks of copper ore can...


Electroless nickel plating: the pros and cons

Electroless nickel plating is a process in which metal components are treated against wear and corrosion, using a chemical bath to impart the necessary protective properties. It is an effective and popular alternative to...


What is yarn and how is it made?

There are many different fabrics available and if you are searching for ideas for making your own clothes or craft items, you will often see the word yarn mentioned. What exactly is yarn and...


A beginner’s guide to vintage furniture

Pre-loved vintage furniture holds history and stories, and there’s nothing better than a piece that feels unique and unlike those owned by others. Vintage usually refers to items that are at least 20 to...

How to Protect Water From Agricultural Pollution 0

How to Protect Water From Agricultural Pollution

Today’s industrial agriculture produces significant carbon emissions that contribute to climate change, but it also harms our precious water resources. Pesticide and fertiliser runoff is a significant cause of pollution in water sources, resulting...