How to combat and prevent nasal congestion by allergies

Currently, allergies affect around30% of the population, representing 16 million people. Usually are pollen, dust mites and animal dander which cause these conditions. You know how to fight and prevent nasal congestion by allergies? We’ll tell you in the next few lines.

This means that those affected should seek to keep hydrated and clean their nostrils so they can prevent mishaps turned-allergy.

How to combat and prevent nasal congestion by allergiesPrevent nasal congestion by allergies

Wait, we know what an allergy is? This is a set of disorders or immune system responses against certain substances or foods, which are called allergens.

This year has been unusually hot, if we add the pollution and smoking some people, the incidence of allergies rises. The most common is that allergy is displayed as an annoying nasal congestion often confused with colds spring or summer. How can we recognize if an allergy or a cold? If you give us fever, sore throat and we ears or have a cough, chances are we have a cold.

But if we itchy eyes besides having constant sneezing and nasal congestion it is likely that we are facing one to allergic. What then? The answer is to prevent these symptoms and we must take care of our nostrils with humidifier and washes our nose clean inside. Rhinomer is ideal for cleaning and saline to hydrate our nostrils that has a dual function; on the one hand and on the other we cleaned contributes to the decongestant.

We were able to enjoy its benefits and we can assure that they are an ideal product to consider. As if this were not enough, they have had the detail send this month, a fabulous gift in the form of a beautiful and delicate daisies and a figurine with the nose characteristic of the brand.

Another means of prevention, which is not always possible, turn away from us allergen that produces symptoms. However, one cannot help but go out for months not to run into the pollen. True? Hence the importance of having an effective saline to help us feel better. The option Rhinomer is quite successful not because it has no gas or preservatives and has minerals and marine trace elements, which are useful for the care of the nostrils. What are you doing to combat and prevent nasal congestion by allergies?

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