The gamification can save television

The use of the second screen, or the Social TV has taken off. Is a reality that viewers consume television content increasingly used as a mobile device to comment, comment, share … about what they are seeing.

Some value the use of the second screen as a distraction, a threat to television, but this is a global trend that viewers are following, and therefore seems a bad idea to try to fight it. What it seems a good idea is to use the channel of the second screen, mobile, to transform this threat into a huge opportunity.

The gamification can save televisionBroadcasters can take advantage of the mobile channel through the game, subject occupying 43% of the time users spend on apps on their devices. Thus, viewers can start using television in a different way, interacting with the content, gaining points, passing tests and challenges, enjoying exclusive content … living a much richer TV experience.

The gamification allows content to be playable. That is, the viewer not only consume content, but also interact, create and share content. The quizzes, games and social networks are the main focus for users of apps, especially for advertising. Why not integrate these mechanical within the content itself and keep the audience engaged?

For broadcasters the opportunity is even more on its core business: advertising. Previous experiences show that the viewers attention to an ad increases markedly when the brand is also present in the mobile simultaneously. Gamificación by such impacts are not intrusive, interactive, fun and reward the user. In short, a new environment relationship that is beneficial to the audience, television and advertisers is created.

It therefore appears that the gamification makes the second screen the best tool to save television.

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