How a thief could break into your Van. Its shockingly easy.

With the aid of a Ford Tibbe key costing as little as £16, you can open any van door in just a few seconds.

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This is the reality of a Cambridge man who fell victim to criminals who broke into his brand new Ford Transit van, stealing £650 worth of power tools. Upon reporting the incident to the police, he was informed that this was something that was happening every day. Later that day, a workmate showed him a trick used by thieves to easily break into Ford Vans by manually opening the key entry lock which automatically deactivates the alarm system.


He recorded a video, demonstrating how easy it was to access the van, and it took him under 30 seconds to open the back door. He used a Ford Tibbe key bought online, and with no previous lock-picking experience, on his first attempt, managed to open a Ford Connect van. The video was viewed online two million times and shared by more than 21,000 people, sending a message to other van owners not to leave valuable items in your vehicle overnight and to replace your locks with deadlocks.

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The incident was reported to Ford with a request to improve their security on all new vans. They replied saying they were aware of the efforts thieves would go to, but that this was not just an issue unique to Ford. They were working closely with the Police and The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, as well as security companies within the motor industry to improve their security systems.

Work Vans

There are many thousands of work vehicles on the roads every day which hold tools for a multitude of jobs. Many vans are kitted out with tools to be stored on shelving and storage racking systems. These vehicles could be holding thousands of pounds worth of specialist tools begging to be stolen if improved security systems or van deadlocks are not fitted to all vans. The motor industry needs to admit culpability and not sell brand new vans with ineffectual locking systems which then put more pressure on the already overworked police force. A TV Aerial Repair Cheltenham company along with other trades will ensure that all items are stored away safely to help reduce the temptation of thieves having a look through their vans.

As a quick aside as police programs have become more and more popular over the years you can be sure that the crystal clear picture you have on your television will allow you to watch these programs in peace. Who knows you might even see some unsuspecting thieves being caught on CCTV, that has been installed by companies like who offer CCTV Manchester way, and intercepted by the police whilst rifling through a works van of one type or another.

Van Man

The van driver sent his van in for repair, but it returned with the same lock put back in!


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