Twitter withdraws its solution against abuse after user protests

Twitter has withdrawn its new system against abuse after it was only a few hours in activity. Apparently, the reason for this would have been different protests from users, as we read in Computerworld.

The social network deployed a new feature on Monday that would ensure users were not notified when they were added to a list. From Twitter Safety they said that they wanted “to receive notifications that matter. From today, you will not be notified when they add you to a list.” One user pointed out that people should know, should they have been added to a list of goals.

The user described this measure as “blind to the vulnerable.” The correct approach, according to him, would be to allow users to be able to remove themselves from the lists or achieve blocking the owner.

Ed Ho, vice president of engineering on Twitter, quickly described the move as a “misstep” and that they were going to reverse the change. For his part, the CEO of the microblogging social network, Jack Dorsey, said they were “reversing and debugging what led us there.”

A number of users ridiculed Twitter for even considering the change, with some questioning whether the company had understood its own platform and users’ concerns. Others wanted security that these false steps would not happen again.

Where does all this come from?

From Twitter it was said that it was introducing new functions to combat the abuse. No details were given on the changes, but it was said that in the coming days they would be implemented. Some of them would be visible immediately, while others would be more targeted to specific scenarios. The company added that it would be testing, learning and iterating on the changes on the fly.

The company recently said it is taking steps to identify people who have been permanently suspended and prevent them from creating new accounts, focusing on those who are discharged only to abuse and harass others.

Another feature that would be implemented is a “safe search” mode, which eliminates tweets with potentially sensitive content or that comes from blocked and silenced accounts, apart from identifying and tear down responses in potentially abusive or poor quality tweets.

Donald Trump’s favorite social platform to communicate his message has seen an increase in abuse and harassment in the service, with some users who have completely abandoned it after becoming targets of online harassment.

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