The Fiat 500: why do we love it so much?

Revamped for 2016, the updated Fiat 500’s launch has provided us with an exciting taster of the new model set to be released in a few years’ time.

The Fiat 500

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Fiat’s retro-styled urban design has recently undergone a facelift; as a result, the already hugely-successful range is causing a new stir in the market. The contemporary range is initially split into three options – the standard Pop range; the mid-spec Pop Star, with slightly more advanced features; and the Lounge model for those who settle for nothing but the top of the range. The latter incorporates additional luxuries, from rear parking sensors to a fixed sun roof and all the way down to a sleek chrome trim finish.

What about the price?

Further information on the newest additions to the range can be found on the Fiat website, where the full set of specifications can be viewed alongside the personalisation options available.

The Fiat 500’s price range starts at £10,890 and increases with additional features. For those looking for information on financial assistance, websites such as are available, offering car finance bad credit in Portsmouth and other areas.

What’s new?

All changes can be viewed on the Fiat website. The modifications made to this model are fairly minor; after all, why mess with an already winning formula? A few new features can be found, however, around both the interior and exterior of the car.

The newer cabin is infinitely less cluttered, providing the interior with a more spacious feeling; however, the main adjustment to the interior is the potential incorporation of the nifty Uconnect touchscreen system on the Lounge version in the range. This includes access to DAB radio, an inbuilt TomTom satnav and the My Car system.

When it comes to the exterior, the changes are subtle but keep the otherwise retro model fresh. These include new bumpers and slight modification of the front and rear light designs, with Fiat’s own-branded ’empty’ light clusters making up the taillights. Again, these changes are not the most noticeable but nonetheless freshen up the otherwise classic design, with the previously somewhat ‘effeminate’ style being tweaked just enough to increase the overall target audience to anyone looking for a stylish and affordable city car.

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