The joy of a log cabin.

I think that its probably the knowledge that you’re living within real wood that makes a log cabin so much more special. I mean, humans have been carving useful things out of wood since, well, Palaeolithic times so its good and reassuring that when you look at that solid wall you know that you’re looking at history. Ok I know I’m not out in the wild frontier I am in fact sitting in one of the many Log Cabins for sale in Northern Ireland. I had a look at because I absolutely love this country and all that it has to offer.  You might be asking what other reasons I might have for living in a log cabin. Well, let me tell you a few more of them and we’ll see if you’ll be convinced about it too.

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First of all, they look amazing. Some would even go as far as to day majestic. There is something deeply satisfying about the look of a log cabin. It just seems so solid and dependable. Perhaps it’s because the history of the log cabin as we know it dates back so far. It was brought over to the British Isles by German and Scandinavians. They knew the value of protection from the elements and the sturdy cabin provided them with defence against the weather and the hostile environment around them.

The log cabin also provides you with warmth as well as protection. It seems to glow with heat. The wood inside it specially sealed to retain that heat along with the natural resistance of the wood itself. They also baffle out sound like no other material, the wood literally absorbs it. It’s very difficult for sound to actually penetrate the hardy oaks that your cabin is made up of giving you that much sought-after peace and quiet that evades us in this day and age.  Did you also know that the natural nature of wood is more conducive to the human physical state and our mental wellbeing? Unlike concrete, bricks or cement wood naturally calms us and psychologically makes us feel more anchored.

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The log cabin does not have to be some large and grandiose building. It can just be a little bolt hole for you to sit and relax. A summer house perhaps or even a little office. Imagine having that as your workplace, especially if you have a nice view. Finally, there is the environmental impact to consider. You home will be recyclable and is easily repaired.  Not so the cement and concrete options that use vast amounts of aggregate taken from the earth. The log cabin allows you to go totally Eco with certain installations. It really is the green living option.

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